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General Dentistry

As a trusted dental practice in Markham, our professional, highly experienced staff are committed to quality ‘patient care first’. Dr Khan and her team provide a complete dental service including general dentistry, laser dentistry and after hours emergency dentistry. 

Dental patient

General Dental Services

Markham Dental Corner provides general dentistry and all of the dental services most individuals and families need. We are experts in dental care, and we use only state of the art technology to ensure that our patients receive the best treatments. Through our general dentistry services, we will start with an assessment of your oral health. We always make sure we know just what is going on before moving forward so that we can provide the best form of care. Our focus is to keep your smile looking its best for years to come.  We look forward to meeting your general dentistry needs at Markham Dental. Call us at 905-201-7001, or contact us online to schedule your first visit or next routine exam.

Dental sealants are considered to be a preventative treatment wherein a protective plastic film is professionally applied to the fissures to seal the area. This film is simply a resin material similar to that used for tooth-colored fillings. It only takes a few minutes for us to apply a sealant to a tooth, which serves as a blockage for bacteria and prevents it from infiltrating those deep grooves in the tooth. It also provides a smooth surface that is easily cleaned by your toothbrush bristles and can naturally be protected by your saliva. The seamless design of sealants allow them to flow easily into the deep grooves of your teeth, providing a truly painless and beneficial method of tooth decay prevention.

There are several ways that 3D printing can be implemented in dentistry, including:  

  • Night guards, mouth guards, aligners, and retainers.  The primary benefits of 3D printing for aligners and guards are speed and accuracy.

  • Same day crowns.  With 3D printing, creating crowns is much simpler, faster, and more cost-effective.

  • When it comes to treating a dental issue, it’s crucial to get things right the first time. By using 3D printers, dentists can create an accurate model of the patient’s mouth and ensure that the aligner, crown, or implant fits with precision.

Root Canal Treatment

When a tooth needs saving from being pulled, is becoming abscessed, or would fall out a root canal is used. Every tooth has three parts.

  • The outer layer that we see is called the tooth.

  • The middle of the tooth or the softer layer referred to as the dentin.

  • The pulp is the innermost part of the tooth where there are the nerves, blood, and life-sustaining function. When the pulp becomes damaged or infected the tooth starts to die and serious complications can occur.

Even when a tooth is dead it can be restored to its normal functions and cosmetic appearance through a variety of cosmetic and/or general dentistry procedures that are geared towards preventing the loss of the tooth and the infection from returning once again.

Treatment for TMJ

TMD describes a group of conditions characterized by pain and dysfunction of the TMJ and/or the muscles surrounding it. People with TMD often have a clicking or popping sound when opening and closing their mouths. Such disorders are often accompanied by frequent headaches, neck aches, and in some cases, tooth sensitivity.  Severe TMD cases may require more complex forms of treatment, which might include orthodontics, dental restorations like bridgework, or minor procedures inside the joint such as cortisone injections or lavage (flushing) of the joint. It’s Again, it’s important to try the wide range of conservative, reversible treatments available, and give them enough time to work as they almost always prove effective. The first step is an examination at the dental office. To learn more about available treatment options, call us today.

Treatment for TMJ

Routine Cleanings

For most people, professional dental cleanings are recommended twice a year to help remove any plaque and tartar that has formed, as well as a way of staying ahead of any developing oral health problems. However, for an individual who is genetically predisposed to increased plaque buildup, or for someone who already has gum disease, more frequent cleanings are strongly recommended.  While regular brushing and flossing at home is vital to good oral health, and useful in removing plaque, this does not diminish the importance of regular professional cleanings. Professional cleanings remove calcium, or tartar, from the teeth. If this hardened plaque isn’t removed, it can lead to decay, infections, and gum disease.  We can help you determine how frequently you need to schedule your dental cleanings.  

Treatment For Sleep Apnea

Oral appliance therapy, called OAT treatment, is used to manage mild to moderate sleep apnea and snoring caused by a repetitive airway obstruction.  Dr. Khan may be able to correct obstructive sleep apnea by fitting you with a custom-made oral appliance worn as you sleep. The oral appliance, similar to a retainer or mouthguard, helps keep your airway open.  If your apnea is caused by your tongue resting on the airway, a tongue-retaining device may correct the problem. The position of your jaw also could prompt the sleep disorder and our dentist can treat the problem with a device or headgear to adjust the jaw. These devices are removable and are only worn as you sleep.

Digital X-Rays

Digital radiographs offer reduced exposure to radiation and nearly instant images for our staff. Digital x-rays, unlike traditional x-rays, which are film-based, also provide more detail.  Additionally, they can be archived in our system for comparison and reference in the future. We believe you will appreciate the fact that digital x-rays are more comfortable and provide quicker treatment and less waiting.  Call us today!


Dr. Khan’s goal is always to save your tooth whenever possible, but her ultimate goal is to keep your smile healthy and beautiful now and well into the future. If your smile is at risk, she may recommend a tooth extraction to treat the problem at the source. Once the cause of your discomfort has been removed, you’ll notice significant improvement almost immediately.  Tooth extraction can sound scary and painful, but we incorporate the latest, most modern techniques and technology dentistry has to offer to ensure the safety and comfort of our patients. 

Screenings For Oral Cancer

At Markham Dental Corner, we encourage you to schedule an oral cancer screening today. If you have not yet taken this life-saving measure, you should. Oral cancer is a disease not frequently discussed.  As with all forms of cancer, early detection and treatment are critical to the ability to be cured. Therefore, the sooner you know that you are at risk for cancer or are developing signs of it, the better your chances are of beating it.

Pain Free Treatment Options

If you’re having trouble with your teeth, gums or jaw, we can help. At Markham Dental Corner, we will provide you with treatments and services that prevent disease and help you maintain your oral health. We will also work with you to diagnose any illnesses or diseases and design a personalized treatment regime that suits your condition and needs.  

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